Goodbye, Apartment: A Poem


Almost two years we were together,

So much we have gone through.

I hate to end things in a note,

But I must bid thee adieu.

The times we’ve had, both good and bad,

Will be forever in my heart.

Let’s take a journey, please sit with me,

We’ll review them from the start.

I found the door marked “F 121… B”

Is there supposed to be a “B”?

Did they paint it on with white-out?

Oh, they did. Well? that’s...fancy.

I walked inside and found my room

Unloading my things on my new floor.

Wait, hang on- that can’t be right!

I couldn’t find my closet door.

I strolled into the kitchen

Well, the hallway with a stove

Smiling, I took in slanted cabinets

The floor, like waves, it fell and rose.

With glee I went out to the porch

Thinking of wine and a good book

When something shot from the neighbor’s door!

What was that!? I need a second look.

In a flurry of feathers, wings, and beak

The Chicken flew from the coop

Big Mama cried to her brood of kids,

“Get the chicken! Don’t step in poop!!”

The months went by, turned to a year

We thought our space was cool.

But then our upstairs neighbors,

Overturned their swimming pool.

Two times I think, that’s what it was

It rained inside each room.

And as the water stains grew bigger

So did impending doom.

“It was worth it” we say with a laugh

As we spent winters with no heat.

No insulation, drafts in every room

But at $247, rent can’t be beat.

The maintenance men were sketchy,

We NEVER got our mail.

Charged 50 bucks a paint chip,

I think it’s time to bail.

I write this with a smile,

as I think about our place.

Our Nashville start, our building block,

a true “twentysomething’s” space.