If We're Honest Day 27: Enough

She knows she'll wake up weary despite going to bed exhausted. She waits for morning as she lies in the dark, watching the minutes fall away on the clock by her bed.

Her head is heavy on her pillow as her mind recalls the day,

Examining each moment she shared with the world.

Did she do enough? Did she say enough?

Would she ever be enough?

These questions ran through her mind so often they worked their way to her heart.

They carved themselves there, replacing the truth of who she was.

Never enough.

Each morning comes, and wearily she rises.

She looks in the mirror tries to remember who she once was as she listens to the beat in her chest

Never enough. Never enough. Never enough.

Day in and day out, she repeats the cycle until it grows too heavy for her shoulders.

Her steps turned to shuffles, her eyes on the floor as she makes her way to her bed.

Please, she prayed, make me enough.

Her tears sink into her pillow leaving evidence of her broken spirit, as she drifts into sleep

In her dreams she meets a man who asks for her heart.

She hands it over with out question, too tired to care why.

He works silently; intently focusing on the chisel in his hand.

When he is finished, he hands her back the heart, his tears tracking his cheeks.

Etched not on its surface, but all the way through is one little word:


Dear Girl, you were never less than perfect. You are more than enough.

In the morning she rises with fresh tears on her cheeks, but accompanied by a smile.

She looks in the mirror, finally remembering who she is by the beat in her chest,

More than enough. More than enough. More than enough.

The love she remembered washed the stains from her mind

As the glow of the dream overtook her.

The warmth of this love banning the darkness of the night.

She stood up straight, and walked with courage.

More than enough. More than enough. More than enough.