Fearsome Character

Let's talk about fear for a minute. But, not in the way we usually talk about it, by listing things and situations that make us scared. Let's talk about fear's character. Because overcoming fear isn't about avoiding spiders and small spaces, is it? No, it's by facing the thing that has been casting the shadow, blocking you from sunlight. It's looking into those bright, familiar eyes and saying, I know you. You're nothing.

Fear is a lot of things, but one of it's most prominent traits is how patient it is. Fear is in it for the war, not just the battle. Fear will let you gain some momentum because it's choosing the perfect moment to pull the rug out from under you, stop you in your tracks, and cause the most damage. Fear will let you gain some confidence, but not too much. It'll wait until it's whisper of doubt shatters your resolve and leaves you with nothing but itself for company.

Fear doesn't just use what makes you afraid. Fear goes after your heart. It favors the things that are so deeply woven into the fabric of who you are, that when it takes root, you unwind into a hollow version of yourself. Fear knows how to use your relationships so people speaking love feel like people with agendas. It knows how to take the dream you're so close to achieving and make it look closer than ever before so that when it warps your insecurities into giants, you can't see past them to your goal.

Fear's not a pushover. It's not going to wait for you to be ready to handle it, and it's not going to back down when you say please. Fear is going to laugh in your face when it sees it's reflection in your wide, startled eyes.

But, you know what, laugh back.

Laugh right in it's face even if laughing is the last thing you want to do. Listen to me, there is more inside of you than fear. Let's talk about your character. There's enough bravery to look fear in the eye and call it's bluff. There's more love for your passion, your people, and yourself that thaws the icy fist fear has clenched over your heart. There's light that blinds fear and gives you an advantage for your next move. There's power to take that next step and squash fear under your heel. Fear won't stay down long, but neither will you. Because every time you beat fear, it falls a little farther back and loses a little more of it's hold on you.

Never stop fighting.