A Letter to my Nephew

Hi Little Boy,

You're still swimming around in your mama's belly, getting your sweet, tiny baby self ready for your debut. I cannot wait for you to get here. As I watch you get bigger I'm counting down the days, praying over your life, wanting nothing but you to be safe and healthy and in your mama's arms.  Do you know how many people are beyond excited for your arrival? Do you know how dearly you're already loved? Let's chat, Little Boy.

But first, let me properly introduce myself. I'm your Aunt Jordan. Just saying "your aunt" sends me swooning. I'm so unbelievably excited to hold you, kiss your little nose, and watch you grow up. I'm awaiting days spent staring at your face and memorizing every detail about who you are. I'm already in awe of you, and I don't think I'll ever get over how perfect one little boy can be. I can't wait to watch you dream and help you chase them down, one by one. Because I know you can make them happen, I believe in you so much. And that Little Boy, leads me to what I want to tell you.

If you're anything like your daddy, your little mind is already swimming with lots of open fields with neat, perfect rows. It'll be filled with long days spent outside working and green tractors. But whatever your dream is, don't be afraid to make it big, make it wild. Don't let that heart of yours settle on anything less than everything it can imagine. Lie awake in the dark at night and map out adventures, plan out your touchdown dance, your encore performance in front of thousands of screaming fans. Let your heart run wild hand-in-hand with your imagination and chase after them with all that you have. You can do anything you want to do, you can be whoever you want to be. Get lost in the wonder of all you can do, Little Boy.

As you grow into all that you are, I'm never going to stop whispering all the brave and powerful words into your ears.  You, are a superhero. I don't know which one you'll dress up like for Halloween, or who's action figures I will spoil you rotten with, but Little Boy, you are mighty. Your strength will come and fill your little body one day too soon, but it will never out muscle your heart. Your mom and dad will fill you with all the good things they know. They'll teach you right from wrong and tell you about Jesus. They'll show you how to live a life you're proud of and love as hard as you're loved. Get to know the pounding in your chest, learn to listen to it's rhythm and trust in it's sound. Put your hand over top and feel it. Every thump is on purpose, every little thing about you is for a purpose.

Now, let me tell you about the two you are lucky enough to spend all your time with. Even now, as I look at their faces in a frame I'm still adjusting to their new role as your mom and dad. But I don't have a doubt in my mind to their greatness. You see, I've known them for a long time. Your mama is my big sister and from day one, she's been my hero. Nobody is more beautiful than your mama, no one is as strong, as sure, or as driven as she is. There's nothing she won't achieve when she puts her mind to it. Watch her, Little Boy. Watch her like I always have. Mimic her quiet courage to face things head on and battle to the end. Watch her eyes light up when she gets excited, hold her hand as she adventures bravely into things she doesn't know. Love has big as she loves. Laugh as much as she laughs. Her voice will always be one of comfort for you like it was for me. Her presence will soothe your fluttering heart like it did mine, so many times. When you snuggle into her arms, you'll be safe at home.

I've known your daddy since I was 6 years old, and Little Boy, you're so lucky to have him. He will always be there for you, no matter what. He is everything constant and dependable, he is true and good to his core. I've gotten to watch him love my sister for a long time, and he never wavers. He's stood by her side since they were just kids themselves. He's respects her and holds her and cheers her on to as they run together through every adventure they pursue. Watch him, Little Boy. Watch how hard he works for his family. Watch how he gets up before the sun and works until after it's set. Watch his face as it finds yours. Can you see how you're his pride and joy? Take the things he will teach you and keep them close. He will show you how to be a man of honor and truth. If you're anything like him, you'll be okay.

Give them some time to adjust to you, you're their first baby. But Little Boy, you're in good hands. The excitement and joy I've seen on their faces the last several months have been more than I would have thought possible. You are the light of their lives and there is nothing they wouldn't do for you. They love you so much and they haven't even laid eyes on you  You're loved by your whole family more than you'll ever know. Nothing you could ever do would come in-between our hearts and yours. Believe that.

I love you, Little Boy, and I can't wait to meet you.

Love, Aunt Jo