2015: Believe

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Let's start this blog post with a quick recap of 2014, shall we?

1. Rang in the New Year with new friends who have now become old friends

2. Worked professionally as a CTRS leading activities for adults with Dementia and other illnesses

3. Finally gave in and listened to the Lord and moved to Franklin, TN and into BRIDGES Domestic Violence Shelter to serve as the overnight women's advocate

4. Landed my very first official writing job with Capture Hope 

5. Took my first public speaking workshop and secured a passion to continue seeking more

6. Turned 24 and felt every bit of my old age as I shredded my quad and broke my ankle

7. Was introduced to #fireworkpeople and experienced a major life shift into a passionate pursuit of dreams and people

8. Joined the #fireworkpeople Core Team and felt like my life, career, and passions, were finally converging into one beautiful internet community

9. Got to show my family the life I've built over the past two years and learned I was going to have the sweetest little nephew arriving in April 2015

10.Did #Blogtober and practiced vulnerability on my blog, learned more about who God wants me to be, and proved to myself I can do more than talk about writing as a career

2014 was good to me, y'all. It was a redeeming year from the struggle that was 2012-2013, and a building year into security, both financially and personally. It wasn't all daisies and butterflies, but what's life if it's not a little messy? I'm happy to sign my name to the end of this chapter and am excited to open a new book and fill it's pages with what's to come. So, here's to looking forward to bigger and better things!

My word of 2015 is Believe.

I want this year to be the one that overcomes the fear and the doubt that so often dictates my life. I want this year to be the one where belief takes over and I come out of hiding. I've hid so long behind this doubt and this fear.  I've spent the last so many years doubting my career choices, my worth, my identity, my aspirations, my everything. I've named this doubt "not knowing what I want to do with my life," "focusing on others," and "being young and clueless."

That's not what it was. Masking these doubts as tangible things only handed more and more power over to them  every time I made the choice to do so. Speaking these doubts under the guise of their false identities solidified them in my heart and lent a hand to fear to seal them in place and give them roots. As I've dug deeper in my own heart I've learned a lot about Jordan. I learned I do know what I want to do with my life, but I'm afraid I will fail, or that it won't be enough to settle my wandering soul. I've learned that my past is what built me, but the future is what I was built for. I've learned I need to put down the hammer and the nails, to let go of the blueprints that I made in the beginning that look nothing like what is here and now. It's time I empty my hands of the heavy things and wait for them to be filled with the light things; dreams instead of burdens, passions instead of broken memories, more of Him and less of me. 

Belief takes a lot of things, transparency, intention, bravery, trust. All of these are words that will be fueling the belief this year, and I will be posting about them individually this week about how I want to use them effectively this coming year to achieve my goals. But for now, I'm leaving you at believe. To believe in the One who wrote my story. To believe in the dreams in my heart. To believe I have the power to make them reality.

To simply, believe.